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Wine Courses

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learn wine

learn wine

The History of Wine

Humans have been making wine for thousands of years, playing an essential role in both commerce and religion. Its place in the everyday lives of both ancient civilization as well as modern ones is a fascinating journey worth exploring. Wine lovers already understand the power and prestige of a good bottle of wine, but novice wine drinkers may not realize just how important wine has been in the history of the world. It could be time to explore not only your favorite varietal but the evolution of winemaking from the earliest versions in Georgia and Sicily to the California wines off the Sonoma coast.

Learn Wines

There are so many fascinating aspects of this fermented drink, and now might be the time to discover more about your favorite type of wine. Even if all you know about wine is white wine and red wine, with engaging, in-depth instruction, you could find your new hobby. Some of the most popular styles of wine, including chardonnay, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon, have fascinating backstories. Studying wine is a bit like studying human history, complete with lessons on science, agriculture, and even marketing. Following the rabbit hole to learn about wine is a worthwhile endeavor, but it can be challenging to know where to start. has courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field of wine production, as well as marketing, agriculture, and food science. You can learn from anywhere in the world and build your knowledge and expertise.

Wine Courses and Programs

Trinity College offers an overview of the history and modern development of wine in its course, The World History of Modern Wine. You'll learn the major trends of wine production today, along with the history of ancient winemaking. Get ready to explore how certain varieties developed and how modern sommeliers assess taste and quality. You could also take a course specifically on the attributes of wine with the University of Adelaide. You'll learn what goes into the production of certain styles of wine and how to perform a wine tasting like the pros. You'll also get the chance to discover how winemakers develop wines from year to year and what vintners need to produce quality bottles.

Explore Wine Through the Ages

If you don't know your Sauvignon blanc from your Zinfandel and wonder what the point of sparkling wine versus champagne is, this is your chance. You can develop an appreciation for what goes into the development of each variety. The rules have changed over the years with unexpected places like Oregon and New Zealand standing next to wine giants like France, but you can learn to appreciate the world of wine. Now's your chance to decide - pinot grigio or pinot noir - with confidence through quality courses from edX.