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Volcanoes Courses

Learn vulcanology, the study of volcanoes, with online courses and classes on edX today!

learn volcanoes

learn volcanoes

The Value of Volcanoes

Scientists believe that many formations on earth had their start due to some kind of volcanic activity. Volcanic eruptions may have formed islands, caused shifts in landmasses, and altered the earth's landscape throughout time. Now, volcanism continues to shape the earth's surface, causing small earthquakes to massive natural disasters.

From formations of islands in the pacific ocean to the ring of fire and other landmarks, the earth's tectonic plates make certain places a hot spot for volcanic activity and volcanic ash is often helpful in rejuvenating the earth’s soil. On both ends, they change the landscape.

Active volcanoes still exist and thrive in many of our popular places -- think Hawaii or Japan. Lava flows change the landscape, and as molten rock moves from underneath the ground to above, it makes huge alterations to the earth's face.

Volcanoes are a fascinating look at what's happening underneath the earth's crust, and volcanic activity helps explain so much about the earth's formations. Whether we're predicting volcanic activity to prevent the next Mount Vesuvius or Mount St. Helens, studying volcano hot spots is relevant and necessary.

The Study of Volcanoes (Vulcanology)

Whether you're interested in geosciences or looking to satisfy your curiosity, edX has a wealth of courses designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. You'll join a global cohort of students and learn together as you explore your interests, including that of volcanoes and their landforms.

Join courses for free and explore everything offers or build your understanding by investing in verified courses designed to transfer as official professional development credit. No matter what your path, you'll have the courses you need.

Earth Science Courses and Certifications

You can study volcano specifics with the University of Iceland's Monitoring Volcanoes course. You'll learn how geologists monitor the earth's surface looking for explosive eruptions and signs of potential activity from different types of volcanoes. You'll also find out how geologists and researchers try to predict future eruptions to prevent loss of life.

You can also learn how drones are helping with emergency management -- including monitoring volcanic activity -- as well as expand your knowledge of earth science itself through institutions like the University of Alaska. You'll understand how communities rebuild after losing land to hot ash and lava flows or subsequent mudflows.

Better Volcano Predictions

If you're interested in famous volcanoes like Mount Fuji, Mount Etna, or calderas like Krakatoa, edX can provide the foundational understanding you need. If you're hoping to do some research with volcanic activity like hot springs in Yellowstone or observing stratovolcanoes safely, edX courses will facilitate those goals.

The summit craters may be dormant now, but if you plan to research volcanoes, you'll need to understand the potential danger. It could be just a matter of time before the magma chamber breaks through the surface, and the community will require your expertise to manage the aftermath. Start your exploration with edX on your schedule and accomplish your goals.