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Venture Capital Courses

Take online venture capital courses from top schools and institutions on edX today!

learn venture capital

learn venture capital

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capitalists provide financing to small, early-stage startups and firms that have the potential for high growth. Venture capitalists receive equity and often invest using alternative funding like pension funds. Venture Capital Firms take on the risk of financing these startups, and in exchange, they receive an ownership stake in the company itself or equity. VC funds are common in places like Silicon Valley, with the venture capital industry providing nontraditional funding for some of the most innovative startups around. Venture funds are the lifeblood of new companies and small businesses. While they're considered high-risk, they do offer ways for angel investors to support new business while potentially receiving an excellent return (should that business succeed).

Learn About Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital can be complicated, so it's worth it to learn everything you can about requirements, restrictions, and applicable laws. Whether you're looking to become a venture capitalist yourself or you have a startup idea and want to get more educated on the process of securing funding, has courses designed to get you on your way. These courses are offered in partnership with leading thinkers and experts in the field. You'll be able to participate on your own time without having to leave your house.

Venture Capital Courses and Certifications

The professional certification, Corporate Funding Alternatives and Financing Strategies, from the New York Institute of Finance, introduces a variety of concepts within the venture capital world. You'll learn essential terms, understand stage financing, and learn how to gauge capital markets. You'll also learn the steps to your initial public offering (IPO). RWTH also offers a course - Understanding Venture Capitalists - designed to introduce you to thinking like a venture capitalist in order to secure funding for your idea. You'll learn about business plans, due diligence, and other things that VC firms are looking for when they invest. Whether you're in early stages or already on to series A funding, you'll learn how to think like a venture capitalist.

Enhance Your Financial Expertise

Venture capital is its own world. Whether you're hoping to become the next unicorn startup or you're investing in the technology industry like so many in Silicon Valley, the knowledge you gain from's courses could begin your path. There are so many amazing things happening in the VC world right now, and your expertise could help you be part of it. If you've got the financial chops, this could be an excellent way for you to invest and make a difference. And if you're thinking of starting something new, this could be the difference between an exciting series A round and crickets. Let lead the way.