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From facilitating the transportation of raw materials to maintaining relationships with vendors, supply chain managers are integral to preventing bottlenecks and ensuring that the overall supply chain operates efficiently and effectively.

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management refers to the end-to-end management of goods on their path from raw materials to finished products. It can include the entire process up to the delivery of the final product to the consumer. Professionals in this field optimize their organization’s supply chain through a mix of forecasting, maximizing efficiencies in inventory and transportation, reducing costs, understanding the flow of goods, and aligning supply chain networks.

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Why is supply chain management important?

Companies around the world need manufacturing and supply chain logistics expertise. This requires individuals who can build and maintain supplier relationships, understand risk management, execute strong supply chain strategies, and manage supply networks both nationally and internationally. Superior supply chain management can be a competitive advantage for businesses. 

Supply chain management courses and certification curriculum

Courses in global supply chain management may cover advanced skills in probability, business processes, product development, information systems, statistics, relationship management, and overall management practices. Hands-on experience can provide professionals with additional exposure to tools and technologies used to overcome logistical challenges. As globalization continues to impact business operations, additional education may be required to keep up with the field.

Careers in supply chain management

Businesses will always need skilled individuals to monitor supply chains and develop solutions when supply chains break down. Professionals in this field need to be analytical and detail-oriented, with strong problem-solving skills. Explore how online courses with edX can help you on your professional journey in this field.

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