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Space Courses

Learn about space and more with online courses and lessons on edX!

learn space

learn space

Why Learn about Space

There's still so much we don't know about Earth, but that hasn't stopped our ceaseless exploration of what lies beyond our planet. Our solar system is full of information about our potential origins as well as the origins of the universe, and organizations like NASA continue to look for answers to some of our most basic questions. With SpaceX looking to put commercial flights within reach and the International Space Station fostering worldwide cooperation for the first time in a long time, learning about space not only opens up potential career opportunities but is also the perfect way to pursue knowledge for its own sake. Whether you're following the colonization of Mars or the search for exoplanets that may support life, learning about our surroundings is a fascinating pastime. And with enough knowledge, you may one day hold the key to building the starships we've dreamed about since we could first look up to the stars.

Space Courses and Certifications

UC3M offers a fundamental course on the history of space exploration with its class, The Conquest of Space, offered through edX partnerships. You'll learn the very beginnings of space exploration, including Sputnik and Apollo missions, Voyager, and the space missions happening now. You'll even learn how Virgin Galactic and other spaceflight systems could soon rocket us all into the stars. Arizona State University has a credit-eligible course, Introductions to Solar Systems Astronomy. Here, you'll learn about celestial bodies and other features of space, including supermassive black holes, meteorites, supernovas, and neutron stars. If you've ever been held captive by Saturn's rings or the beauty of gamma-ray bursts, this course gives you everything you need to know. Cal Tech's The Evolving Universe is another introductory course for those with interest in all things space. It covers the features of interstellar space and our known universe, including dark matter, the big bang, and physics observations.

Build a Career Looking towards Space

As more companies like Blue Origin and thinkers like Elon Musk push for humanity's expansion to the stars, you could find yourself in a lucrative career position. Even if you don't pursue a career, it's in our blood to be fascinated by exploration, so feed that natural curiosity with courses from EdX and continue to find wonder. The next time you look into the night sky, you'll have the knowledge you need to stay interested. Someday, thanks to our ceaseless need for exploration, you may look up to see the first starliner going overhead — quite a journey for humanity.