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Social Psychology Courses

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learn social psychology

learn social psychology

What is Social Psychology?

Social Psychology studies human behavior and decision making in the presence of others. Social psychologists try to understand the role social influence plays in the way people behave day to day and how psychological variables such as emotions or thoughts. Social situations form the basis for many of our behaviors, and when we can understand those motivations, we can uncover a lot about humanity. Humans may even be subject to influences when not surrounded by people because of our perceptions and the implied presence of others. So how does this play into things like wellbeing or personality traits? The field of Social Psychology would like to figure that out. Studying human nature helps understand, plan, and prevent while creating a society that benefits everyone.

Learn Social Psychology

You can begin your journey learning Social Psychology right from your home through the many courses offers. You'll learn from leaders and experts in the field and be able to apply your knowledge to understand our social world. Whether you're exploring for a future career or interested in human psychology, you can learn the things you need on your own time and begin applying your knowledge to your path, wherever it may take you.

Social Psychology Courses and Certifications

The University of Queensland offers a foundational course in Social Psychology, where you'll learn about intergroup relations, how social context affects human beings, and a bit about the psychological research behind our personality traits. You can expand your knowledge from this series by taking part in the entire X-series from UQx or making your way through various courses in the social sciences that inform our understanding of Social Psychology. You can find courses on sociology, psychology, and other social sciences from a variety of leading institutions, including Columbia, Berkeley, Doane, and MIT. For more long term programs, edX offers online bachelor's in social work (BSW) and bachelor's in psychology or counseling degrees as well as online master of social work degrees.

Explore a Career in Social Psychology

Our social groups have a significant influence on our social behavior, and those social interactions help form not only personality traits but our decision-making process as well. The role social perception plays in the development of our personalities is part of ongoing psychology research studies. Your expertise could put you at the forefront of new ideas about how we operate. With courses from edX and institutions around the world, you can begin to build a better understanding of humanity and potentially lay the groundwork for a rewarding career in the field using scientific studies and research methods you learn in these courses. Whether you use it to understand your own personality psychology or to help solve social problems, can help you to begin your journey.