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Social Entrepreneurship Courses

Take free online courses in social entrepreneurship from Harvard, Babson, and other top schools. Learn how to become a successful entrepreneur with free online college courses today!

learn social entrepreneurship

learn social entrepreneurship

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurs use their business model to make a social impact on the world and to ignite social change. Startups, for example, can pursue solutions to pain points caused by environmental change or to social problems across the globe. Successful social entrepreneurs blend the idea of profit and business success with adding to the health and wellbeing of societies that host their organizations.

Learn about Social Entrepreneurship

Traditional business metrics don't apply to social entrepreneurship. Typically, these organizations are passionate about giving back to society and providing a broader understanding of return on investments. The things you learned in business school don't necessarily apply outright to this type of business model. Training programs must include different types of business metrics, ones that measure not only things like profit, but also the positive change these types of businesses wish to see. A good example is the shoe company, Toms, which provides shoes to those in need through the sale of pairs of its distinctive shoes. Another example is Ashoka, an investment company dedicated to finding social entrepreneurs across the globe.

Social Entrepreneurship Courses and Certifications

Social ventures aren't new, but with an increasingly connected world, this business model is rapidly gaining steam. Social enterprises are leaping up to help make a change and blending profit organization with real social innovation. Learn how to leverage your knowledge and expertise to make a difference with's range of courses and certifications. Curtin University offers an excellent overview of what it takes to build a successful social enterprise with its course A Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship. You'll learn the fundamental principles of building your social business and helping create a business plan that will succeed. Other courses can help fill in gaps with entrepreneurship itself, including Harvard's timely course on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Babson can help you get in the entrepreneurial mindset with its aptly named The Entrepreneurial Mindset course. Other options could be the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie's course, Shape a Better World, and the University of Adelaide, Australia's Entrepreneurial Opportunities course.

Build Your Own Career Path and Change the World

Social entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take our biggest social issues and make a positive impact. As new generations grow tired of the negative impacts of thoughtless business building, social responsibility could be the newest metric for brand loyalty. Help create a better world for the next generation with a social mission and a new business model. The world will thank you.