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Portfolio Management Courses

Learn Portfolio Management with online courses from top schools and institutions on edX today!

learn portfolio management

learn portfolio management

What is portfolio management?

When you begin your investment strategy, building and maintaining an investment portfolio offers risk management and rebalancing based on your overall investment goals. Whether you're responsible for the decision making for your own asset classes or entrust your investment decisions to a portfolio manager, it's essential to stay on top of your portfolio.

Active portfolio management is vital as your financial goals change throughout your lifetime. Early on, you may take a more aggressive approach and back off as retirement approaches later. Your investment funds are in it for the long haul, so keep an eye on your asset allocation.

Different types of portfolio management work with various risk tolerances and help make sense of the stock market. It's time to take control of your financial objectives to build long term wealth.

Learn about portfolio management

You may be taking control of your investment plan or building a career as a financial advisor. In either case, learning about management strategies is essential to your future. Make it a priority to learn from leading institutions and thinkers in the field of finance with courses offered in partnership with edX.

You'll take classes and certifications with students around the world and on your own time. Take your future into your own hands with courses from edX leading the way. 

Portfolio management courses and certifications

The University of Washington offers an introductory course to portfolio management services—Portfolio Management, Governance, and the PMO. You'll learn how to manage market risk, use prioritization, and target allocation based on your (or your customer's) needs now and in the future. You'll also learn best practices for protecting personal data and how to change the strategic objectives over the lifetime of the investment.

Other course options include a tech-based approach, Deep Learning and Neural Networks for Financial Engineering from NYU, Risk Management Tools and Practices from IMF, and Special Topics in Risk Management of Banking and Financial Markets from IIMB. These specialized topics provide a well-rounded education in portfolio management.

Portfolio Management For A Better Return

Investment decisions should never be random. The portfolio management process is built on financial understanding and the right risk tolerance, helping you and your customers build long term wealth through the investment market.

edX and partners are ready to provide the foundational knowledge you need to make a career as a financial advisor or manage your assets throughout your lifetime. You'll gain the skills to succeed and the understanding to work with the market and all it's turns.