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Political Economy Courses

Learn political economy with online courses from edX today!

What is political economy?

Political economy is the study of trade, production, and the law or customs of different governing bodies surrounding these topics. It originated in the study of moral philosophy and how states maximize and share resources and encourage economic growth. Famous works from early political economists like Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill to infamous names like Karl Marx, these thinkers have shaped the study of political economy, and new ideas continue to shed light.

The more common term is simply "economics" now, and economic analysis rests on data rather than solely philosophy. Economic systems have globalized, and studying the economy in light of influential political forces could provide a path to a thriving career in a number of positions.

Learn political economy with edX

The edX platform offers access to quality education from the convenience of home. Students learn with a global cohort of peers and complete coursework on their own time. Courses are developed by leaders in the field of economics and are free to explore for personal growth. 

edX also offers a series of official credit options for a fee, including single courses, certificates, and even entire degrees. Students may also explore micro-degrees for foundational training.

Political economy courses and certificates

Students can begin with MITx's Political Economy and Economic Development. The course introduces fundamental concepts in the field as well as significant history and key players. Learners will apply key theories to coursework and look at what's in play for developing economies, as well as learn data analysis in R.

Learners can also branch into subfields such as macroeconomic policy, microeconomics, international trade, or game theory. Courses such as International Business Environment and Global Strategy from IIMBx, Globalization: Past and Future from SDGAcademyX, or Principles of Economics from Stanford Online provide introductions and deep dives into niche areas and methodologies.

Explore the political economy

From special interest groups to economic theories of the future, the political economy field offers a close look at how government policies influence economic outcomes. With new fields like econometrics and data science, we're a long way from the early 18th to 19th century understanding of economic factors.

edX offers training in political science, political economics, and the social sciences, allowing students to explore the field from multiple angles. And as political institutions seek continued stability, this understanding of public policy and political systems could help students launch thriving careers.