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Mythology Courses

Online mythology courses from top institutions. Learn about mythology and folklore from ancient Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Chinese, and other civilizations.

learn mythology

learn mythology

Why study mythology?

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and all other Olympian gods — these names seem almost as familiar as our own. Mythology tells us a lot about what people once believed about the world. Our most famous examples may be Roman or Greek myths, but many cultures produced proud mythology to explain what it means to be human and explain the unexplainable.

Modern researchers and scholars study myths because they reveal a lot about the society that created them. In addition to Greek mythology, Norse mythology and Egyptian mythology have captured our imagination. Stories from African cultures and native populations from North and South America also figure heavily into the web of mythological stories. Ancient myths are more than fantastic tales. They can link us through oral tradition to our past.

Learn Mythology with edX

The edX platform offers students the opportunity to explore topics such as mythology through courses designed by leaders and thinkers in their chosen fields. Courses happen on their own time, and many are free to explore for free, or students can opt into official credit for a fee, including course credit, certificate credit, and even full degrees.

Students study with a global cohort of peers, collaborating and learning from the best and brightest. edX provides a pathway for both personal growth and professional development. Learners come with a curiosity for Athena and Apollo or an appreciation for Aeschylus and his tragedies. They leave with a more thorough understanding of human mythos.

Mythology courses and certificates

edX offers courses on a variety of mythology sources. The Ancient Greek Hero from Harvard University explores the intersection of stories and truth through famous works from Homer, Sophocles, and Plato. Students will study the heroes of the Iliad and the Odyssey, including famous men such as Achilles and Odysseus. These stories of Troy and Athens, the Trojan War, and the events that followed provide a close look into the circumstances that shaped much of mythology from that era.

The University of Iceland offers a course on Medieval Icelandic Sagas. Students study mythology as it intersects with early Christianity in the area. The course explores the development of Norse sagas and the supernatural.

Exploring Mythology with edX

Greek gods, Titans, and heroes all belong to stories humans have told to explain natural phenomena, creation, and morality. Ancient history is full of these stories far beyond the gods of classical mythology. 

Thanks to oral traditions, we know a lot about the stories of cultures in the past. Rome may not exist the way it did during its heights, but Roman mythology still stands. The Amazons may not have been real, but they still capture our imagination. Ancient Greece is long gone, but the stories remain.