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Mining Courses

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Mining Past and Present

The mining industry was born from humanity's fascination and need for tools and energy. Mining finds and extracts valuable minerals we can use but cannot grow, and mining operations exist in some form all over the world and throughout history.

Ancient societies searched for precious metals and minerals through activities such as gold mining, and modern mining companies now take on prospecting, extracting minerals of economic value, and closing mines no longer in service. As humanity moves forward, mining with respect to the ecosystem is one of the newest frontiers in the field.

Mining has also taken on a modern significance with new technologies. Using the same prospecting and extracting philosophies, activities such as bitcoin mining have brought the search for resources into the digital realm.

Whether you're part of the mining industry and involved in traditional aspects like coal mining or rare minerals, or you're exploring the ways technological mining can affect your livelihood, edX is ready to create a path.

Learn about Mining

In partnership with leaders and innovators in the field, edX offers courses and certifications designed to launch your career or satisfy a deep curiosity you may have for a subject of study. You'll be able to complete courses on your own time with a global cohort of students seeking the same knowledge.

Official certification or credit is available for a fee, or you can take courses for free to pursue your own personal goals. EdX is ready to open the door.

Mining Courses and Certifications

If you're interested in traditional mining, you can take courses like Minerals and Mining in a Sustainable World or Health, Safety, and Wellness in Mining, both from the University of Queensland. You'll study the sustainability and process of different mining sites and understanding different mining hardware.

CurtinX also offers a series of courses on the business of mining, allowing you to explore the mining sector from multiple angles. You'll study mining projects and mining sites, as well as try your luck establishing a specific type of underground mine -- gold mining, specifically -- and take the project through the various stages of the mining operation.

If your interest lies more in high-tech mining concepts, you can also study the concepts of cryptocurrency mining or big data mining with institutions such as Tsinghua University. You'll research crypto concepts, blockchain, big data, and how individuals seek out and wrangle these forms of data.

Explore Mining in All Its Forms

Whether you're curious how we get rare materials like lithium, curious about the history of the gold mine or copper mine, or wondering about BTC mining, edX can provide a path. You can learn how mining handles disruptions like pandemics or learn about different types of mining, including open-pit mines and surface mining. No matter your interest, these courses and certifications will provide you with your foundation.