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Mergers and Acquisitions Courses

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learn mergers and acquisitions

learn mergers and acquisitions

What are Mergers and Acquisitions?

Mergers and Acquisitions happen when companies and organizations change ownership or are absorbed into new entities. M&A transactions require knowledge of regulations, legal structures, and a host of other fields. Preparing companies for these deals can take months or even years and often require a team of people working out the logistics. Mergers happen when two companies become one single entity. An acquisition occurs when one organization absorbs a target company. These buyouts are sometimes lengthy, and companies must do their due diligence to ensure proper protocols are observed.

Understanding Mergers & Acquisitions

The process for M&A deals can be different depending on whether it's a public company or a private company. The process for international companies can be even more complex as cross-border mergers and acquisitions require knowledge of regulations in both jurisdictions. Companies must also make agreements in the area of divestitures, intellectual property, and how to preserve best interests with both parties. It's a complicated process, and someone has to be the expert.

Mergers and Acquisitions Courses and Certifications

The New York Institute of Finance offers a professional education series in mergers and acquisitions in partnership with You'll learn key concepts and theories that underly the process of M&A deals in the first course while the second will provide an advanced understanding of the financial topics, including preserving the best interests of both entities, you'll need to make the deal go smoothly. You'll also learn how to structure various deals, including the documents and agreements you'll be required to have, plus an understanding of how the acquisition could affect future performance. You'll also take a course in cash flow modeling to predict future financial performance and market shares/stock prices as well as post-merger financial pictures. From there, you'll learn how to apply accounting principles to help the acquiring company maintain stability while preventing things like hostile takeovers.

Understand How M&A Deals Affect Your Career

Experts in mergers and acquisitions provide valuable service to the organizations they serve. They have an understanding of corporate finance and wall-street, allowing them to restructure companies in ways that satisfy shareholders, the board of directors for both entities, and the stakeholders throughout. Guiding companies through mergers and acquisitions requires more than just a knowledge of analytics. It's a targeted and intimate understanding of what's in both companies' best interests. Build a career guiding companies through this challenging process and help ensure these actions benefit everyone involved. You don't even have to leave your current desk. brings this valuable education series to you so that you can build your career efficiently. See what edX has to offer your career in finance and business.