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Marketing Strategy Courses

Take free marketing strategy courses online from top universities and institutions.

learn marketing strategy

learn marketing strategy

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing used to be simple. Run an ad in the newspaper or on television. Send a mailer. Cold call a few businesses. With social media and the internet, marketing has gotten more complicated. For truly effective marketing, you need a marketing plan. A marketing strategy is a high level, on-target plan of action for reaching your target customer and using different types of marketing efforts to build trust and loyalty.

Learn Marketing Strategy

Marketing plans are just as much knowing what marketing channels provide the biggest ROI as it is launching a campaign. Effective marketing managers provide consistent results for each campaign and understand the target market with laser efficiency. This type of know-how reduces business waste and not only brings in new customers but better retains established ones.

Marketing Strategy Courses and Certifications

If you're on the path of marketing strategy, courses in the complex ecosystem of marketing plans can help you master the fundamentals and produce results. You can build marketing fundamentals with Curtin University, including segmentation, swot analysis, and conversion rates. You can pick up critical skills in Global marketing with Arizona State and build capabilities with marketing planning, marketing messages through cultural lenses, and essential elements of effective targeting. On the analytics side, you can participate in Columbia's Marketing Analytics course, giving you skills in using data to define marketing tactics and determine ROI. Analytics also helps you build your target audience more efficiently and possibly increase sales. Some course are suitable for marketing strategy for specific fields. Michigan offers marketing for libraries while Doane concentrates on sustainable agriculture. If you're building marketing campaigns for specific fields, this targeted training could be beneficial. Professional certification in Marketing Analytics and professional education in Managing Customer Relationships, both from Wharton, build broad expertise in these areas needed for business operations.

Explore a Career With Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a crucial skill businesses need for marketing in the technology age. Social media and the internet have changed the game, so building a dedicated customer base requires deep level knowledge of the types of marketing efforts needed to engage a skeptical audience and stand out in all the noise. Building your marketing skills and your skills in market research makes you a valuable find for businesses. Successful marketing is strategic marketing, so courses in how to find and keep your ideal customer is critical. Stand out from the crowd yourself with one of the courses or certifications offered in partnership with edX and ignite your career.