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Management Accounting Courses

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learn management accounting

learn management accounting

What is Management Accounting?

Management accountants are responsible for the financial statements and cost accounting directly involved in higher-level decision making. They consider the needs of the business and build estimates and predictions based around the cost projections. Managerial accounting is a way to hold a position of power within the company while occupying a position based on accounting principles. They help the company make sound business decisions while providing risk management. Management accounting is a vital part of a business's growth and success. Performance management involves active analysis of financial reports and the accounting skills to provide cost projections. Without these, a business is making decisions blind.

Learn Management Accounting

Once you've got the necessary accounting skills you need, moving into managerial accounting could be your next career step. Managerial accountants provide the right financial data for management decision making and require special training. A certified management accountant is a specialized track and will require new knowledge and skills. offers courses and certifications in partnership with leaders in the field. You can begin your path to management accounting from the comfort of your own home or office. Whether you have a bachelor's degree already and are looking for further training or are exploring the field, edX can offer a path.

Management Accounting Courses and Certifications

ACCA offers an introductory course, Introduction to Management Accounting. You'll learn what it takes to use accounting practices for managerial purposes and provide strategic management for businesses. Indiana University offers a course on Managerial Accounting and Corporate control designed to introduce the principles of management accounting with a grounding in fundamental accounting principles such as product costing and performance measurement. The New York Institute of Finance and ACCA both offer professional certifications in Management Accounting. NYIF focuses on federal tax accounting, while ACCA offers a generalized overview of financial accounting for decision making and to enhance business operations.

Build a Career in Management Accounting

Management accounting gives you the chance to lead a business through important decisions with solid accounting principles. This type of financial management is vital for the success and health of a business, and can help get you started on the path. Whether you're processing balancing sheets or providing activity-based costing, your accountancy expertise can provide a valuable service and a rewarding career. Help a business plan and prepare for the future with the right skills. You could be on the cusp of a rewarding and lucrative career.