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Luxury Management Courses

Learn Luxury Management with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!

learn luxury management

learn luxury management

What is Luxury Management?

Luxury brand management is the practice of maintaining the quality and success of luxury goods. The luxury industry is built on good branding, targeting a highly specific customer, and ensuring these specific goods' continued success.

The luxury industry has its own unique characteristics, and general business management may not prepare you to work as a luxury brand manager. Instead, the luxury business requires a targeted understanding of its ebbs and flows, so it's time to prepare for this unique career path.

While the fashion industry may be the most recognizable in the luxury sector, your career opportunities don't stop there. You'll need the know-how to work with storied luxury brands and build customer experiences worthy of the high-end market. It's time to go beyond retail management and general marketing strategies to the fast-paced world of luxury goods and services.

Learn about Luxury Management

Luxury Management requires a little innovation, a little understanding, and a lot of expertise in this unique market's appeal. Customers aren't just buying the goods or services -- they're often buying the experience. Crafting those experiences for a new generation of consumers will require a new way of thinking.

edX and partners offer courses designed with leading thinkers and institutions in the fields of luxury goods and services. You'll look at case studies from the luxury market to understand what works in this space. It's time to level up your career to partner with the brands you love.

Luxury Management Courses and Certifications

Hong Kong Polytechnic provides a course on the specifics of Luxury Management. You'll learn how luxury products and services are created and how to communicate your brand's value with luxury marketing. You'll also learn about common problems experienced by luxury companies and apply creative problem-solving to find solutions.

Global luxury goes beyond fashion management to the tourism industries, car and other vehicle companies, and even other service industries. For primers on your particular industry, you can also take courses in that niche from edX and partners. You can also study the fundamentals of business with courses such as Supply Chain Management from MIT.

Luxury Brand Management and The Global Future

Whether you're working in the luxury fashion industry in Paris, New York, or Milan or looking to the future of travel in the United States and the United Kingdom, edX can pave the way with courses for your growth. Get the training you need to ramp up your work experience and ensure that you're ready no matter what happens in the global luxury market.