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Localization Courses

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learn localization

learn localization

What is Localization?

When someone translates content from one language to another, their job isn't done. Language isn't the only thing at stake; cultural implications can make or break the effort. When companies not only translate materials for a new market but also tailor the information to appeal directly to that target market, they localize their efforts. The localization process involves research into what the target audience identifies with and understands from a cultural perspective. Extensive marketing efforts often fail because companies misunderstand the local culture, so investing in localization is a critical component of succeeding in a new market.

Learn about Localization

Years ago, translation was the biggest concern, but companies understand now that different languages are only the first step. A localization project involves research into local regulations, language translation, and cultural implications. The company considers the needs of the target market where they are and tailors those efforts to them instead of trying to convince them to need the company as is. You can help companies localize with courses and certifications designed to help you build an understanding of the process. Once you've gained expertise in adapting marketing materials, you become a vital part of an organizations transition.

Localization Courses and Certifications

The University of Washington offers a professional certification courses series in partnership with's education platform. Business professionals and others learn the entire localization process from start to finish. You'll gain examples of localization plus essential localization tools to make the process easier. The first series, Introduction to Internationalization and Localization teaches you the end to end process. Proceed to the second component where you'll learn to create digital content for an international audience. By the third, Adapting Content to Local Markets, you'll be an expert in the process. Other courses can help you learn how to think differently about the world, including culture and history courses for the areas you're targeting.'s resources will give you the information you need to inform your efforts.

Explore Careers in Localization

Helping companies translate goods and services to a target market is a vital part of international business. As the world gets smaller and we get more connected, website localization or software localization could be critical for an organization's success in certain areas. You can offer companies the chance to bring their products and services to a whole new market. Your understanding of the localization process brings companies unique aspects of internationalization that go beyond just language translation. can get you started.