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What is Industrial Design?

Industrial designers apply design principles to products intended for mass production. Product design must account for the complex nature of a production pipeline, and the design process usually involves multiple components. Industrial design involves some problem-solving and innovation. The process accounts for different aspects of design, including ergonomics, usability, function, and form, among other things. Manufacturing processes account for these design principles and begin rolling products into the hands of customers. Product designers use the principles to create innovative products and put them into efficient production. Your knowledge of industrial design principles helps facilitate innovation. Companies need your expertise for their production pipelines, setting you up for a rewarding design career.

Learn Industrial Design

Now that we have things like computer-aided design for rapid prototyping. As new products make their way onto the market, companies will need to iterate improvements. You can consider things like user experience and graphic design concepts to help make that whole process easier. offers product design courses from industrial design programs. You can learn from some of the best in the field right from your home and on your own time. You'll be able to use your new skills to build a career or enhance a track you're already on.

Industrial Design Courses and Certifications

You can take a variety of courses in the field of industrial design. You can RIT's Design Thinking Fundamentals course to learn about new ways of thinking about innovation and creativity. EPFL also offers a course, Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development, designed to teach you all about the manufacturing process and using sustainable principles for product development. Other courses include Delft's Product Design course, an introduction to the Delft design process, and Hong Kong Polytechnic's targeted course, Designing and Creating Trousers. You'll be able to use courses like this one to build a toolkit for design thinking and design solutions for a variety of products.

Build a Career in Industrial Design

Whether you're exploring the world of wearables or learning about the principles of model-making, Industrial Design can provide a pathway to a rewarding and exciting career. Ever since the industrial revolution, we've looked to design for inspiration in making the production process efficient and effective. Now, you can be part of that exploration. edX provides the path you need to get started in Industrial Design and related disciplines. You can use your knowledge to design our next biggest products and maybe fill a need we never thought would be solved.