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Immunology Courses

Take free online courses in immunology from top schools and universities today on edX!

learn immunology

learn immunology

What is Immunology?

Immunology is the study of the immune system and how the immune response differs between individuals both healthy and not. It's a complex field that provides the basis of our questions in public health and individual diagnosis. It looks at the characteristics of the immune system in humans as well as other species of animal and plants. Immunology tells us how to prevent, treat, and eradicate disease as well as form an understanding of how the body reacts to different conditions. Adaptive immunity is responsible for some of our biggest successes within the field, and our continued research into what causes disease could help us live longer, more quality lives. It also might teach us more about our survival and help us prevent the extinction of other species.

Learn about Immunology

Immunology is a wide-ranging field, and our understanding of it can help us understand how organisms are connected. If you're interested in exploring cures and preventions for common, persistent illnesses from chronic to deadly, this could be the right field for you. You'll need a fundamental understanding of biology plus courses in your specifically chosen field. It's possible to begin your journey directly from home with courses delivered right to your inbox.

Immunology Courses and Certifications

edX can help you get started with course offerings from some of the biggest names in immunological research. You can gain a fundamental understanding of the immune system and human microbiome with Osaka University's course on the Immune System, plus new developments in research. Other options include a course from Tel Aviv University (IsraelX) on Virology. In it, you'll understand the fundamental biology of viruses and how they could relate to some of our most significant medical breakthroughs. If you need to go back a few steps, offers courses in biology where you can gain fundamental understandings of biomedical science and how immune cells could figure into our newest therapies. You can take courses designed to build an understanding of cancer immunotherapies or infectious diseases. Whatever stage you need, edX has a path to get you started.

Ignite Your Career in Immunology

Immunology can help us build a better world for ourselves and life around us. Whether it's autoimmunity response, experiments with stem cell research, the study of cancer cells, or a host of other options, the world needs your knowledge and expertise to unlock answers. We're working towards a disease-free world, and the relationship between immunology and that dream is clear. Explore careers in the United States and around the globe as we come together to end HIV infection, cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, and future epidemics. Whether it's sudden (Ebola) or a long time scourge (the common cold), you can be at the forefront of research that could end disease once and for all.