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Human Biology Courses

Learn about human biology with edX's human biology courses today!

Why study human biology?

The biological sciences are the foundation of public health, psychology, epidemiology, and even the new genomic sciences. If we can understand our biology, we can solve pressing challenges in health and build new models for care. 

Newer disciplines within human biology, including cell biology and biochemistry, offer new perspectives. Human biology students can innovate in the fields of medicine, public health, and even social sciences. It's the study of our physical nature, how we came to be human beings, and what may happen as we continue to evolve.

Learn about human biology

The edX platform provides the chance to study with some of the most respected institutions in the world. Courses are developed by leaders in the field and offered on convenient scheduling online for those looking for professional growth or personal development.

Many courses are free to explore, but students may also invest in official credit to pass on to employers or other educational institutions. edX offers single courses, certifications, and even full degrees. Learners can also choose micro-degrees for mastery in a niche area.

Human biology courses and certifications

AdelaideX offers Essential Human Biology: Cells and Tissues, a course designed to introduce the basics of these small building blocks. Learners explore the different types of cells and tissues within the human body. 

Another course from the same school, Human Reproduction, introduces the fundamental concepts of the reproductive system. Participants learn how humans create life and what it takes to maintain human health in sexual and reproductive capacities.

Stanford Online offers a unique perspective of the human body with its course Your Body in the World: Adapting to Your Next Big Adventure. Students learn how environmental stressors affect the nervous system, respiratory system, and immune system among others. The course creates an experience for students who are curious how things like zero gravity or g-force affect the body using storytelling from real-life examples. Learners understand the boundaries of human physiology and understand how human anatomy can adapt to extreme conditions.

Explore human biology with edX

Physical therapy, microbiology, and the well-being of human populations, human biology has a lot to say about these fields and more. Using experimentation and the scientific method, we can discover more about ourselves. Whether students want to influence public policy with science, prepare for medical school, or are simply curious of human limits, edX offers courses that can prepare students for professional careers and ignite curiosity.