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Financial Management Courses

Take online financial management courses from top institutions like Columbia, Maryland, New York Institute of Finance, and more. Learn financial management from edX today!

learn financial management

learn financial management

What is Financial Management?

One of the easiest ways to build wealth is to understand the money and resources you have and where it's all going. Financial management involves planning for the future by understanding your cash flow and your financial goals. It can help you make better financial decisions and manage the risk involved in things like investments and emergencies.

Why Learn Financial Management

If you've got any money coming in, you can't sit back and expect it to grow without examination. Financial management teaches you to manage your financial resources both on the personal level and within your business plan. It's more than just balance sheets. It's comprised of short term and long term goals, with cash management plans and investment decisions in place. Without an in-depth understanding of how these things affect your bottom line, your decision making will always be one step behind.

Financial Management Courses and Certifications

Financial Management comes in two forms. Personal management is the process of understanding your personal wealth while business financial management allows you to make better decisions for the long term health of your organization. EdX can help you with both in partnership with leading institutions in the world of finance. The University System of Marland offers a micro-masters course in Accounting and Financial Management that will provide a comprehensive overview of financial services and accounting for business and organizational purposes. It's designed for both financial managers and financial accounting teams who want to gain an intimate understanding of the aspects of decision making on an organizational level. Other options include an introduction to Risk Management from Delft, Financial Analysis for Decision making from Babson, and Introduction to Investments from IIMB. There is a wide range of courses tackling the principles of risk management, financial decision making on the organizational level, financial transactions within a world affected by climate change, the capital structure of investment markets, and a host of other financial planning resources. You can learn everything you need to know to build wealth both for you and your company.

Ignite a Career with Financial Management

Even though we're using computer intelligence to shift decision making, we still need the human touch for those final important decisions. Understanding the fundamentals of financial management helps you be prepared in a new world of connectivity and international business, and provides a foundation for making decisions along with the input of deep learning. We still need human input for business finance. Financial advisors are more needed than ever to navigate our increasingly small world.