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learn elections

About Elections

Many people around the world watched the last US presidential election with great interest, and even some astonishment. Elections in democratic societies can be immensely complicated affairs. Whether developing a voting system, manning an election campaign for a candidate, analyzing political polls, establishing absentee ballot options, coordinating voting day staffing, protecting against election fraud, or advocating for voting rights, many hands must be part of the process before the first ballot is even cast.

Building an understanding of how elections work can be a gateway into many different careers. The people who work in political fields draw from a wide variety of skills, including communications, critical thinking, data analysis, and the ability to distill complex issues into succinct talking points – all skills also valued across the general business community.

Online Courses in Elections and Politics

Now there are more opportunities than ever to learn about political systems at home and abroad. edX offers numerous courses that detail all aspects of the election process, and systems of government as a whole. HarvardX’s American Government takes an overview approach, offering a comprehensive introduction to American government and politics. Framing: How Politicians Debate from DelftX looks at tactics used in one of the most influential parts of modern elections – the candidate debate.

Learners can also explore the political process through history, as with ColumbiaX’s Women Have Always Worked: The U.S. Experience 1700-1920. They can even go for a MicroMasters degree in Data Science, a critical discipline for modern-day polling analysis.

Election and Political Jobs

According to Glassdoor, Political Analyst positions with the Federal Government carry an average salary of more than $95,500 a year. From InsideJobs, Campaign Managers average $84,000, while a Campaign Researcher who supports a candidate’s statements and background knowledge earns around $72,000. Political consultants earn in the six-figures, and Fundraising Directors earn an average of $92,000 a year.

Explore a Career in Election and Political Jobs

Whether chasing after a candidate on the campaign trail or watching the midterm elections from the couch, a working knowledge of the elections process can benefit any learner. Find a new path by choosing from hundreds of courses on edX.