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Ebola Courses

Learn about the Ebola scare, the lessons we learned, and more on edX today.

learn ebola

learn ebola

What is Ebola?

The Ebola outbreak was a deadly epidemic located in parts of West Africa. It devastated communities and require involvement from outside organizations, including the WHO. The Ebola virus is a deadly disease that spreads from direct contact with the bodily fluids of Ebola patients. These types of infectious diseases are difficult to treat because of their highly contagious nature. Health workers were in danger as they managed each infected person, and with each new case, the situation in West Africa became more of a threat. Researchers believe that fruit bats were the original carriers in nature, but at some point, the virus spread to other animals and humans. The most significant outbreaks occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and another in South Sudan. While there hasn't been an outbreak since 2016, researchers and healthcare workers remain vigilant for new cases.

Learn About Ebola

Ebola and other infectious diseases present huge issues for public health and require research and time to find treatments or cures. Whether you have an interest in the different aspects of infectious diseases or you're going to pursue a career in healthcare research or practice, edX has courses designed to give you what you need. The course catalog provides high-quality education designed in partnership with leaders in the field. You'll be able to take each course from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule. These classes are free, but you can have official credit for an affordable rate.

Ebola Courses and Programs

Harvard offers a course specifically on Ebola and the events surrounding the epidemic. You'll learn how the World Health Organization coordinated a targeted plan with treatment centers and protective procedures to provide infection control. You'll also learn about the symptoms of Ebola as well as certain nonhuman primate carriers. You can also take courses about the general topics of Epidemics with the University of Hong Kong. You'll learn not only about the Ebola Epidemic but the way other epidemics are handled. Experts teach students standard protocol, including protective clothing, establishing incubation periods, and understanding how off-shoot episodes and flare-ups.

Understanding Ebola and Other Pandemics

Whether new Ebola cases come up or we fight new epidemics such as the latest Coronavirus, understanding how epidemics spread and recede is a public service. Just as experts from the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can stop pandemics such as Ebola virus disease from spreading, you could use your expertise to make the world a safer place. Whether you're working on an Ebola vaccine or hoping to use your knowledge for other healthcare issues, edX can help you get started on your career path.