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Business Strategy Courses

Take free online business administration courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn business strategy from top universities and institutions around the world on edX!

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What is Business Strategy?

A business model is an overall plan of action for your business's mission, but business strategy is a targeted and measurable action plan for aspects of your business. It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you focus on your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Strategic planning is an excellent way to improve your communication, your market plan, your tech adoption, or any other aspect of your company that needs improvement or restructuring. You'll develop many types of business plans as you journey with your company, and all are designed to give you a competitive strategy and roadmap for success.

Learn about Business Strategies

Businesses need people who can quickly size up a situation and develop measurable plans of action that address their needs. A good strategy builds on a company's culture and provides KPIs for knowing what works and what doesn't. A good business strategy also helps inform decision making and puts a business in a competitive position. Business objectives can't survive without some kind of strategy. To build your career, you'll need training not only in how to create those strategies but also how to measure their success and repeat or pivot based on that data.

Business Strategy Courses and Certifications

edX can help you gain the skills necessary for creating quality business strategies. Courses designed in partnership with thought leaders in the business world give you the foundations for this vital business-world skill. The University of Maryland, for example, can introduce you to the concepts of global business strategy while BU can provide you with everything you need to understand the Platform Strategies for Business. If you're looking to improve certain aspects of your business with the right strategy, you can also find what you need with KTH Institute of Technology can teach you the fundamentals of digital transformation while Babson introduces you to the principles of digital strategy. For those of you looking to improve your marketing position, Berkeley offers a course in marketing analytics designed to help you build an effective marketing strategy. Other options can help you create a strategy for better communication, action plans for new target markets, and a variety of other objectives.

Build a Career Providing Business Strategy

Whether you're at a starting point or launching new products through an established business, you'll always need a strategy in place. Business leaders understand the value of strategy and how those strategies fit into the overall business model. By helping businesses create these plans, you're setting yourself up for a long, fulfilling career watching businesses succeed. You can ensure proper strategy execution and put your company in a position to be a market leader. Make it count with courses designed to get you there from edX and partners.