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Build the skills you need to become the next great business leader. Learn business administration with online courses from universities and institutions around the world.

What is business administration?

Business administration encompasses the entire management of a company. Professionals in charge of business administration are key decision makers on everything from day-to-day operations to organizational structure to financial management. They are tasked with monitoring performance and ensuring that the company stays aligned with its vision, mission, and goals. In today's business environment, these professionals must also make critical decisions about how to keep a company's information systems up to date and secure, and how to lead companies through changes that result from evolving technology.

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How to learn business administration

Positions in business administration can require a degree, but they also require real-world leadership experience. Professionals need an understanding of organizational behavior, the ability to perform managerial accounting, and excellent problem-solving skills. Many professionals who pursue a career in this field may choose to earn a master's in business administration (MBA) degree, which can prepare them with coursework on both the technical skills and soft skills needed to run a business and lead day-to-day operations. 

Business administration course curriculum

There are a variety of courses available for different levels of learners and for professionals in different industries, such as music or healthcare. Professionals who are interested in studying specific skills or topics can choose from many different courses that cover: 

  • How technological innovation impacts your organization

  • How to manage organizational culture and change

  • How to master the fundamentals of analytics and data science for executives

  • How to perform financial accounting for different types of businesses 

Learners can study specific aspects of business administration like operations management, with coursework on supply chain management and resource management; or, they can learn project management best practices with specific tools. Whether you hope to run a small business or an international business, online courses from edX can prepare you for a leadership role.

Ignite your career in business administration

Business administration degree programs and courses can help you gain the skills and experience you'll need to be an effective leader within your organization. Business management requires understanding of all aspects of your company. As decision-making relies more on big data, regulations stretch across borders, and the world of social media unites people around the globe, you will need to be able to respond to the constantly evolving challenges that present themselves. Learn how you can lead your company to achieve its organizational goals with online courses offered through edX.