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Aeronautical Engineering Courses

Enroll in online aeronautical engineering courses from top institutions and universities on edX today!

learn aeronautical engineering

learn aeronautical engineering

What is Aeronautical Engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is the process of designing, building, or revamping things that fly. Humans have dreamed of flight since the beginning of time, and we've finally conquered the laws of physics to put humans in the air. We're always in search of better, safer ways to fly further and faster, and the field of aerospace engineering is a vibrant career option. As we gain a better understanding of engineering and space, we're preparing to send humans not just into the air but out of our world. The next step of this field is astronautical engineering and an understanding of how humans can fly safer and faster through space. It's an exciting time for human flight.

Learn Aeronautical Engineering

The aerospace industry is looking for creative thinkers as well as those with a foundational understanding of engineering principles. You could design the safest airplane we have or build our first commercial spaceship if you master the education needed to succeed in the field. Degree programs in engineering help you break into this field. Whether you're designing a plan that improves fuel efficiency or launching us into space with better propulsion systems, your expertise is needed.

Aeronautical Engineering Courses and Certifications

edX partners with leading institutions in the field of Aeronautical Engineering to bring you courses designed to help build appropriate skills and master key concepts in the field. You can learn the foundations with Delft's course, Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering. You'll learn about structural design, aerodynamics, and what goes into testing of aircraft. Other options include a general course in forensic engineering if examining the shortcomings of current engineering practices is your thing or a course in decision making with uncertainty to help you maximize your understanding of the chaos of flight. You can also participate in courses surrounding other types of engineering, including ones to help you understand dynamics and control, structural analysis, or even space exploration. All are designed to teach you creating thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for designing things that fly.

Build a Career in Aeronautical Engineering

Engineering jobs show steady growth according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, so make sure your coursework will prepare you for an exciting career in human flight. You could be the professional engineer that brings humankind into space regularly or creates new technologies for flight mechanics. It's such an exciting time in the field of engineering because our understanding and technology are outpacing our current flight abilities. The Wright Brothers could never have imagined we'd come this far in aircraft design in such a short time, so continue their legacy with engineering programs designed to help you build crafts that are safer and may even allow us to leave the earth's atmosphere behind finally.