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Actuarial Science Courses

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Learn actuarial science from top institutions and universities on edX. Understand the discipline and math behind accessing risk in insurance, finance, and other industries today!

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What Is Actuarial Science?

Actuaries use mathematics and statistics to assess risk for insurance companies, financial institutions, and any other field where risk is a big part of operations. Most actuaries are highly trained in these methods and demonstrate this ability by taking courses and passing actuarial exams. Risk management is a significant part of the insurance industry. Actuaries must be able to predict future events and apply statistical methods to make those sorts of predictions regularly. Degree programs can prepare you for the rigorous world of actuarial science and give you the skills you need to pass actuarial exams.

Learn Actuarial Science

The actuarial profession is a blend of professional and educational experience. Many actuaries go on to achieve graduate degrees and belong to prestigious organizations such as the Society of Actuaries (SOA). Businesses rely on your expertise to accurately assess risk and predict future events to prepare appropriately for the financial reality of those events. The career requires a substantial understanding of mathematics and statistics as well as probability models. In the age of technology, an understanding of the programs used to design these models is also critical. You'll leverage data and technology to make your predictions, pushing the boundaries of actuarial science and risk management.

Actuarial Science Courses

In partnership with trusted institutions, offers the chance to get your start with actuarial science. You can participate in the Australian National University's Actuarial Science course for a comprehensive introduction to the field. For specific instruction in the fundamentals of prediction and risk management, you can also take Purdue's course in Probability where you'll learn how to derive critical insights from data.

Start Your Actuarial Science Career Path

Decision making in the modern world uses data and mathematical principles to predict future events with consistency. Your actuarial career can begin with edX's courses and end in a fulfilling path providing key insights to a company. Whether it's deciding the basics of insurance policies, predicting the future of social security, or working with consulting firms to build better pension plans for organizations, the possibilities are growing. Actuarial science could be one of the best career paths in the modern age because of our unprecedented access to big data and computing power needed to process that data. You have the chance to make a difference using your talent in mathematics and your understanding of new technology. Find your place in this burgeoning career and build a stable future for yourself and your family.