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.NET Courses

Take free .NET courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn .NET from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

What Is .Net?

.Net is an opensource developer framework that's compatible with multiple platforms, languages, and libraries. It's useful for building applications that span a range of operating systems, including iOS and Android as well as systems other than Windows (MacOS and Linux). It's adaptable and was developed by Microsoft to manage Windows applications and is available on Github.

.Net isn't a language itself but a framework. Associated programming languages include C#, F#, and Visual Basic ( The ecosystem has multiple developer tools designed to shorten development time including Visual Studio, an integrated development environment, Xamarin, a company bridging the gap for cross-platform native interfaces, and, a developer platform.

Why Learn .Net?

.Net is a vast ecosystem of multiple languages, libraries, and platforms. Businesses building enterprise solutions can utilize .Net's capabilities to develop tools and maintain integrity despite their users' preferred platforms. Applications built on Android can behave the same for iOS and the same for MacOS or Linux. Plus, the .Net framework is used by some of the biggest enterprise organizations around.

.Net platforms are scalable and flexible, giving organizations quicker developments and faster iterations. Whether you need server side programming for desktop applications or mobile apps, the framework can handle it.

For business, this means you're the architect of server-side solutions that can handle large amounts of data and pivot quickly. It's the perfect execution of enterprise solutions for large organizations that can't always operate in full lean.

.Net Courses and Certifications

EdX offers multiple options for learning .Net related programming, including Microsoft's Introduction to C# and Object Oriented Programming in C#. Expand that knowledge into big data with Data Access in C# and .Net Core.

You can expand your knowledge of the .Net ecosystem with training in Xamarin or using Azure to supply a web application with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. You can also take a deep dive into MVC programming and use ASP.NET core web applications to solve real-world problems.

The Future of .Net

Developers wondering what's new with the framework and if it's still worth the time can be assured that .Net's development through opensource models is still going strong. .Net developers are in demand for their ability to build .Net applications that are flexible and scalable. Businesses can launch enterprise solutions through web applications, seed databases for machine learning, and discover cross-platform solutions. The .Net Foundation continues to innovate, and we predict it will remain a staple framework.