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Applied Storytelling

In this interactive and dynamic course, you will learn how to establish and integrate the art of storytelling more powerfully into your career and everyday life.


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Starts Jun 7
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Applied Storytelling

In this interactive and dynamic course, you will learn how to establish and integrate the art of storytelling more powerfully into your career and everyday life.

4 weeks
2–4 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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There is one session available:

After a course session ends, it will be archivedOpens in a new tab.
Starts Jun 7
Ends Aug 17

About this course

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There is no art form as eternal or essential as storytelling. It conjures images across time and space: whether experienced around the campfire, the holiday dinner table, or within the confines of a good book, storytelling is everywhere. And, as the business world of the 21st Century has discovered, intentional and impactful storytelling provides one of the most indispensable competitive advantages on the market. An empowered, aware storyteller interviews, inspires, leads, and manages more effectively than someone who dismisses a story purely as a form of entertainment. ****

In this Applied Storytelling course, you will learn how to integrate this foundational human skill more powerfully into your career. Over the course of 4 self-paced weeks, you will train in vocal and physical performance techniques that will support your public speaking; you will engage in all the different types of story that shape our professional world; you will learn how to tell a story and practice in scenarios including digital storytelling and oral storytelling that will help launch or advance your career goals as a storytelling practitioner; and you will understand how to implement best practices of storytelling to enliven the day-to-day of your job. ****

No experience is necessary to enroll! You might be asking, “Which sorts of careers will benefit from this class?” Well, the answer is “All of them.” While some fields may seem more inclined toward story than others, everyone in the workforce encounters moments of stage fright where they can apply storytelling to become more captivating, confident, successful humans.

By signing up for the Verified Track, you will gain access to a community of other learners and course staff via Slack chat and Zoom video calls for advice, feedback and accountability. In addition, you will also receive on 30-minute consultation with the course instructor, Steve Kaliski, in Week 4 to discuss your capstone project!

At a glance

What you'll learn

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  • Gain practical application insights by leveraging case study interviews with a variety of professional backgrounds and industries ranging from academia to advertising to graphic design to politics to law and beyond!
  • Key elements of a story including defining, ethos, examples, lists, anecdotes, hypotheticals, illustrations, humor and images.
  • Basics of voice and physicality such as how to warm up prior to public speaking, practicing breath, vocal and physical variety at networking events.
  • How to get yourself out there to practice storytelling in interviews, pitches and group settings.
  • Ways to use storytelling in day-to-day office environments via powerpoint presentations, team meetings and how to get stories out of others.
  • Verified learners gain access to bonus content, a Slack community of other learners and a 30-minute capstone project review via Zoom video call with the course instructor, Steve Kaliski

Week One

In week one, we will discuss the different aspects of the body that make up our voices and check in with ourselves to discover our vocal ranges. We will explore the implications of changes in tempo, gesture, volume, pitch, timbre, and silence, and observe how different locations change the style of a presentation. At the end of the week, enjoy an interview with Jean Andzulis, whose acting background influences the way she approaches her work as Director of Special Projects at Boomerang Water.

Week Two

This week, we will focus on the elements of a story. What are ethos, logos, and pathos, and which is most important? How do you organize a story to maintain interest? Throughout the week, Moth Grand Slam champion Will Clegg will offer his insights into telling a compelling, emotional story.

Week Three

Now that you have the building blocks of a story, how do you want to use them? This week, we encourage you to begin telling your own stories, varying the lengths and focuses so you can adapt your stories to various situations, including pitches, networking, and job interviews. Maribel Lara, Senior VP and Head of Consulting at The Sasha Group, shares her expertise on how to effectively frame and pitch an idea.

Week Four

In this final week, we'll pull everything together into a final capstone presentation. Build a slide deck, find your style, rehearse and share your work. John Corso-Esquivel, Associate Professor of Art at Davidson College, shares his slide deck on how to present a slide deck.

Learner testimonials

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"I really appreciate the course because it gives clear explanations of what storytelling is, with plenty of examples and additional material if we want to go further in the topic, and exercises to practice it.

For me one of the great points was understanding that I can apply storytelling to my professional life (job interviews, pitch for a project, presentations), I can include emotions, awaken curiosity, and therefore get the people to be more interested and willing to listen genuinely.


What I appreciated in the verified path is that I had the opportunity to find another student to discuss the exercises and have mutual feedback. It has been much easier for me to keep learning with this mutual support, and feedback from another student taking the same course is very valuable.

Another bonus of the verified track is the opportunity to have a 30 minute call with the teacher. It was very useful to clarify my doubts and get additional inspiration for the future.


Maybe it's a little long, I hope it helps you."

Chiara Momo
Material Engineer

About the instructors

This course is part of Storytelling for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Professional Certificate Program

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