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Windows 10 Security Courses

Learn about Windows 10 Security and more on edX today!

learn windows 10 security

learn windows 10 security

Why Learn Windows 10 Security

The Windows 10 operating system is Microsoft's latest version, but with each new windows update, cybersecurity must evolve to address malware and new viruses. It's not enough to play with security settings on a surface level. For many companies, a deep understanding of the security features of Windows 10 means the difference between delivering services safely and leaving loopholes open for exploitation. New features of Windows security help address spyware and ransomware, and understanding threat protection can ease workflow and provide reliable security solutions. Companies are looking for experts who can deliver reliable security solutions and address potential issues before they occur. Security breaks can cost companies millions, if not billions, in revenue and fines, but expertise in windows security could help prevent catastrophes. EdX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field of security, including Microsoft itself, so that you can gain the skills you need wherever you are in the world. Courses happen on your schedule and for free. Official credit is available for single courses and program tracks for affordable fees, providing you with realistic options for your interest and your career.

Windows 10 Security Courses and Programs

Microsoft offers quite a few courses in Windows 10, including one, especially for security. You'll learn about the Microsoft antivirus program, execute windows firewalls to varying degrees, and gain critical knowledge of security software for individuals and businesses using Windows 10 as a primary software. You can also participate in a Windows Support and Maintenence course from Microsoft, giving you everything you need to build secure, reliable systems using the Microsoft ecosystem. You'll study browsers like Chrome, assess antivirus software, and understand the Windows Defender Security Center. The courses will help you build systems that work for both companies and individuals.

Build Security Within Windows 10

If Windows 10 is your primary operating system, EdX can help you understand security features and create a safe, reliable system for operation. You'll understand real-time protection and use best practices to encrypt sensitive data, store data safely on cloud services like OneDrive, and use private networks to segment business operations. Your expertise can be a path to a thriving career. Technology changes quickly, and companies must keep up with the latest in security solutions to ensure uninterrupted service while individuals need to protect their sensitive information. EdX and partners can help you build those foundational skills for your career or your own cyber safety.