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Project Management Office Courses

Take free online courses and learn project management office and get the skills you need to advance your career on edX!

learn project management office

learn project management office

What is PMO?

Project Management Office is the department that establishes best practices and implements procedures to keep everyone on track. PMO is the point of contact for standardization, ensuring that every project executes in the same manner and with efficiency. Project teams need PMO to automate project performance. With so many moving parts, it can be easy for departments to get off track. With PMO in place, team members always know the next steps and how to handle unexpected setbacks.

Learn PMO

PMO functions as a central office for project management. It's the keeper of your organization's corporate strategy, and applying PMO could look a little different for each organization. Enterprise PMO could require different solutions than a small business or startup, so learning PMO is a vital part of having a career in project management. PMO is evolving from purely administrative to involve a broader range of necessary functions. Learning PMO gives you the best project management practices and provides a consistent performance for each new project.

PMO Courses and Certifications

The University of Washington offers a standalone course through a partnership with You'll learn portfolio management and different types of PMO's most commonly used within organizations. You'll learn best practices in decision-making and governance. If you need more in-depth training, you can participate in the full University of Washington Professional Certification. It focuses specifically on project management styles for IT departments. You'll learn supportive PMOs for tech adoption and industry standards, which is also the focus of tech project management boot camps. You'll master the art of using project data for decision making and provide consistent project delivery. You'll also learn what it takes to choose the right PMO for your organization to thrive. At the end of the certification, you'll be well equipped to report on project progress, choose the type of PMO you need, and utilizing project management tools to realize your KPI. These practices prepare you for a fulfilling career in project management.

Let PMO Ignite Your Career

A solid project management approach can elevate your organization and provide clarity for your projects to move forward. In an increasingly Agile world, it's essential for enterprise-wide operationalization to happen. Be prepared with the right tools and resources to fulfill your project scope and lead your organization in the right direction. As PMO evolves into a more comprehensive system, professionals who understand cutting edge project management theories can help smooth the transition. You can build a career streamlining projects and supporting continuous innovation within your organization. It's a fast-paced business world, and you can help it run just a little more smoothly.