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Philosophy Courses

Study the philosophy of god, political ethics and more with in-depth online courses from leading institutions. Explore the moral philosophy and thought process behind major decisions or learn about the science of everyday thinking.

learn philosophy

learn philosophy

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is an area of study concerned with knowledge, thought, logic and reason. It seeks to answer fundamental questions about life and existence and looks at issues related to ethics and truth. From the foundational thinking of Greek philosophers to the philosophy of life itself, philosophy is a fascinating area of study and foundationally important to understanding and exploring many related fields including religion, politics, math, sociology and art.

Online Courses in Philosophy

One course well-designed to introduce you to the concept of thinking is The University of Queensland’s Philosophy and Critical Thinking. The ability to think with clarity about issues and problems is essential in the worlds of business, finance, design, architecture and more. By engaging your mind in philosophical problem analysis, you can greatly expand your ability to think clearly about all topics. Learn how to frame your ideas into well designed, logical statements and gain a greater ability to make clear and concise arguments.

No study of philosophy would be complete without covering the work of Plato, Socrates and other ancient Greek and Roman philosophers. Learn about the cultural influences that helped to develop early philosophical thought and understand the basis for modern ethical foundations. Explore a free online course on the birth of Western philosophy, taught in English, from Tsinghua University. Find many philosophy and ethics courses on edX from major universities around the world. Many online classes are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.

Philosophy Jobs and Careers

The wonderful thing about Philosophy is that every field in the world has a philosophy behind it - from the philosophy of history and the philosophy of education to legal philosophy, medical philosophy, political philosophy and more. You can apply your knowledge of philosophical thinking to almost any career and role. Many philosophy students become law professionals or teachers and academics, but there is certainly space for philosophers in the C-suite, too.

A career in philosophy often starts with a philosophy degree or a masters in philosophy, which can lead to a role as an academic or in as an expert in the legal or medical fields of philosophy. You can also apply philosophical thinking and knowledge to your current career or studies. After taking a philosophy class, you can immediately apply the principles and methodologies to almost any situation that requires thinking, logic and decision making.