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Philanthropy Courses

Learn philanthropy with online courses today!

What is philanthropy?

Philanthropy means private initiatives done for the public good and society. Rather than government or public initiatives, philanthropy comes from individual funders, charitable giving, and other types of nonprofit work not associated with the government. Although philanthropists receive some support from grantmaking, they focus more on private fundraising.

Unlike charities, philanthropists want to address the root cause of social ills instead of focusing solely on relief. The word comes from the greek "philanthrōpía" or "phil'" meaning "love," and "anthropos" meaning "humanity." Nonprofit organizations that build social initiatives for the advancement of humankind are philanthropic. 

Learn about philanthropy with edX

Learners can follow in the footsteps of famous philanthropists such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Bill Gates and develop plans for improving the standard of living for all. edX offers courses and certificates designed with leading thinkers in the field. Learners can explore most courses for free for personal growth with limited access to course materials.

Students can also opt into official credit for a fee. edX offers single courses, certificates, and full degrees, as well as micro-degrees. More are added regularly, allowing students to continue professional growth.

Philanthropy courses and certificates

Students can begin with a course from PennX, Corporate Social Responsibility: A Strategic Approach. Some of the most significant philanthropic initiatives come from groups rather than individuals, and learners can explore this new business approach.

Another option, A Disciplined Approach to Social Entrepreneurship from Curtin, focuses on entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and not just a profit. It explores the community foundations behind philanthropy and how it affects business initiatives for wellbeing and the challenge of social problems.

edX also offers courses that touch on key philanthropic concepts such as impact investing, equitable business, and human rights. Learners can explore effective philanthropy through the lens of human rights, healthcare for all, racial equity, and business that originates in the love of humanity.

Explore philanthropic organizations as a service

Industrialists of the past began to leverage their massive wealth to improve public wellbeing and solve persistent problems. Today, as we weather global disruptions like the pandemic, philanthropy helps rebuild the economy and protect people. Along with government initiatives, philanthropy has the power to rebuild society as we believe it can be.

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