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Marketing Management Courses

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learn marketing management

learn marketing management

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is the organizational process of your marketing strategy. Marketing managers handle the implementation of a variety of forms of marketing, including some of the newest ones within social media and the online space. Operationalization of marketing plans helps a business understand where their target audience is and how best to reach them. So much of marketing dollars are wasted on campaigns that go nowhere, so marketing managers are on the front lines of the marketing ROI. Businesses need better data and critical understanding of their marketing initiatives to see results, so position yourself to provide those vital skills.

Learn Marketing Management

Marketing has never been simple, but with the presence of online media, it's even more complex today than it was a generation ago. Marketing research has access to big data while a marketing mix that involves online and offline methods could have businesses scrambling for a semblance of organization. Marketing managers can help businesses sort through the mess and find out which campaigns offer the most return. Learn about all the ways you can help your business's marketing department succeed with a foundational understanding of marketing management. You'll be able to make a plan, execute a marketing campaign, and measure results effectively. Jump start your career with the training to help you do so.

Marketing Management Courses and Certifications

Whether you're a seasoned marketer learning about new fields of marketing or a newbie just getting started, has a variety of courses designed to help you succeed. You can learn from universities and institutions with long histories of nailing marketing and gain a full toolkit for ensuring your business's success. You can learn the fundamentals of marketing success with IIMB as well as social media and digital content marketing with Galileo. If you need to understand market segmentation in the world of social media marketing, you can get a primer from the University of Queensland. You can even learn Customer Relationship Management with an icon in the industry, Wharton. You can master effective marketing and brand management with courses brought right to your laptop.

Build a Career in Marketing Management

Decision making in marketing has traditionally been a shot in the dark, but now that we have access to more significant, better data, we can use strategic planning to launch campaigns and reach our target markets. A considerable part of business development is a solid marketing program, so help your organization succeed with current and future customers, develop a growth strategy, and ensure that each marketing campaign hits the mark. edX can put you on the path to success.