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International Relations Courses

Learn about international relations with online courses today!

What is international relations?

International relations belongs to a realm of political science that studies the way sovereign states interact with one another. Sometimes called international affairs, it involves a close look at the international politics game and current events surrounding the actions of state powers.

As globalization continues, the discipline of international relations becomes more significant. The field looks at foreign policy, international economics, world history, international law, and other fields. It's a field of study that will need multiple perspectives and build on these interdisciplinary subjects as the globalized world grows smaller.

Learn about international relations with edX

The edX platform offers students the opportunity to study international relations with leading institutions from around the world. Learners arrange their studies around their own schedules without significant disruption to their lives.

Many of these multidisciplinary courses are available for free for personal growth, but students can also opt into official credits for a fee. These credits can apply to future education or career growth in the international political economy. edX adds new courses regularly and also offers certificates, professional series options, and even full degrees.

International relations courses and certificates

Students can begin with courses such as Contemporary Issues in World politics from FedericaX. The course offers a first look at global issues in world politics, including state actors, non-governmental organizations, and conflicts. It provides an introduction to the study of international relations for students who need a step up.

Participants can explore certain relationships, such as US-China Relations: Past, Present, and Future from NUS or International Politics in the Korean Peninsula from SNUx. These area studies provide unique perspectives on region-specific foreign relations. 

Students can also study a variety of foreign languages to prepare for careers in international relations, including United Nations positions, non-governmental organization (NGO) positions, and counterterrorism. Languages open up doors for deeper connections to the entire international system of power.

Exploring careers in international relations

Climate change, human rights, economic growth, global health—international relations touches on all these areas and more. edX courses offer fundamental training and knowledge for students looking into careers in international affairs. An international relations major can explore ways to address challenges and innovate to make the world a better place.

An international relations degree or a series of courses offers a path for a thriving career and understanding of the world we live in from different perspectives. Students can also gain knowledge for personal reasons or go into international business. It's time to jumpstart your professional life or simply cultivate a lifelong love of learning.