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Gender Equity Courses

Take free online gender equity courses on edX today!

learn gender equity

learn gender equity

What is gender equity? 

Gender equity is the process of achieving gender equality for men and women. It's also the principle of valuing different needs, career pursuits, desires, and dislikes regardless of gender. Closing the gender gap in equal rights is an essential part of ensuring that every person on the planet is safe, happy, and healthy.

Pursuing gender equality means addressing different forms of discrimination and various forms of violence often experienced by women. Although there are still people who believe in strict gender roles, more populations are embracing women's rights and well-being as an economic and moral issue.

Learn about gender equity

You can learn about the economic empowerment of women, gender issues, and equal access to opportunities and resources. offers different courses designed in partnership with leading thinkers and institutions in the field. You'll learn with a global cohort of students and further your interest in the topic.

Most of the courses are free to take for personal growth, but students can opt into official credit for a fee. Students study their chosen subject on their own time with a flexible and convenient course structure.

Gender Equity Courses and Certifications

CatalystX offers a professional certification series—Race, Gender, and Workplace Equity—designed to introduce basic concepts in human rights and equal opportunities. Students will gain an understanding of the history and scope of gender inequality.

You can also study niche-focused subjects such as An Introduction to Global Health from KIX. Students will learn the scope of global health care issues and how it affects vulnerable populations, such as women and children. Students will also gain a better understanding of current issues in public health.

HamiltonX offers a course on the Ethics of Sports. This is another niche subject with far-reaching effects. Students will learn the ethical questions of sports in education, the value of athletic competitions, and how different genders experience and benefit from sports.

Exploring Gender Equity

Gender biases and gender inequities still affect populations around the world. With declarations from the United Nations and sustainable development goals hinging on women having equal access, you could become part of the conversation. As social norms change, it's essential to understand the history of the gender equality movement and how we can help close the gap in access.

EdX can provide a path for learning and personal growth. Whether you're interested for personal reasons or planning to become part of the global movement, edX can help lead the way.