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Food Science Courses

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What is Food Science?

Food science is the study of food. Food scientists research everything from food safety to product development to food systems. As climate changes and the world population gets bigger, our ability to create systems to feed ourselves depends on an understanding of food science. Food scientists use engineering and chemistry principles to develop safer and more reliable food systems. In fact, the field uses many disciplines to create abundant, wholesome sources of food for world populations. Food science is even more important now that that the environment and population densities are changing. Now, more than ever, we need people with a holistic understanding of food systems and a scientific foundation to help us take our food supply into the new phase of human development.

Learn about Food Science

Food production must sustain a growing population and new technology with food engineering. Quality control and food manufacturing are all part of these systems, and we'll need experts to help create both new food products and systems that protect and sustain us. Learn about everything associated with food science so that you can be part of the solution for issues like global hunger. You can also help fight the rise of obesity and diet-related chronic illnesses.

Food Science Courses and Certificates

edX offers a wide variety of courses related to food science, all created by leaders in the field of food technology and science. You can learn about Sustainable Soil Management or the Science of Beer with Wageningen. You can also learn about Biobased Products with Delft and Sustainable Development with Water, Energy, and Food with RWTH Aachen University. SDG Academy offers an introduction to food security with Feeding a Hungry Planet as part of their X-Series (Food Security and Sustainability). You can also take Wageningen's professional certification series in Food, Nutrition, and Health, a course series designed to guide you through food science and production from beginning to end.

Build a Career in Food Science & Technology

Everything from food packaging to food product development is an integral part of building a sustainable future. Our planet is changing, and your knowledge of the microbiological principles of food and soil could help develop aspects of food that survive through that change. Food science and technology can help us understand how to build a food industry that produces high-quality food, understands safe food processing protocols, and considers how quality assurance is a huge part of what makes the system run efficiently. Explore a career in food science and allow edX to light your path.