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Egyptian History Courses

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Why study Egyptian history?

Ancient Egypt was one of the most powerful societies in the ancient world. Ancient Egyptians controlled an empire spanning the Nile River, and pharaohs built large buildings and tombs with hieroglyphics that have survived the ages.

When we say Egyptian history, there are too many time periods and possibilities. From the Old Kingdom and the first dynasties of Menes to the great female Pharoah, Hatshepsut, to the Ptolemaic rulers, learners can specialize in one small part of thousands of years of history. 

The old kingdom's unification gave way to the upheaval of the first intermediate period. After, the middle kingdom enjoyed prosperity before Hyksos invaders. Eventually, Egypt routed their dynasty and moved the capital from Memphis to Thebes. The third intermediate and late periods gave us some of the most famous pharaohs, and conquering people groups--Nubians, Libyans, and Assyrians--tried and failed to hold on to their rule.

After Persian rule and then the Ptolemies, Egypt fell under Roman rule after Cleopatra and then the Ottoman Empire before coming under the control of European rule. Later, Arab rulers brought Islam to the country to join with Coptic Christianity and other minority religions.

Egyptian civilization spans thousands of years, and the current country is a testament to the longevity of the Egyptian people. The history of ancient Egypt remains a fascinating area of study.

Learn about Egyptian history

Students who know the great pyramid and mummies can deepen their understanding of this complex country with courses from the edX platform. They're designed by leading minds in the field of history and Egyptology and connect like-minded students from around the world. Many courses remain available for free for personal exploration, but edX also offers official credit tracks.

Once students pay the fee, they receive lifetime access to course materials and official credit once they satisfy all course requirements. edX offers single courses, professional series options, certificates, and full degrees in various subjects, including Egyptian history.

​Egyptian history courses and certifications

BAx offers a course on Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Students explore Egyptian writing, art, and architecture. The course looks at what society was like for commoners and women, and explores the pharaohs that shaped each dynasty.

HarvardX offers Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology. Students will explore Giza and its cemeteries, the Pyramids, and the Sphinx. The course also includes a look at art and archaeological influence in the Old Kingdom, as well as new methods for studying these ancient structures.

In BAx's The Journey of Writing and Scripts in Ancient Egypt, students learn about the development of Egypt's writing and language systems. The course includes an overview and delves into writing systems such as Coptic, Hieratic, and Cuneiform. Students look at predynastic systems to the multilingual Ptolemaic period. 

Explore Egyptian history with edX

 EdX provides students an opportunity to explore the complex history of this ancient country. Courses explore famous pharaohs like Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, or Thutmose II; invading people groups like the Greeks, Hyksos, or Romans; and important political distinctions like the unification of upper and lower Egypt. The Nile Valley continues to be an inspiration for the modern era.