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Educators ensure that future generations are equipped with the knowledge necessary to advance society. Whether you want to teach in a classroom, develop education policy, or design curricula, online courses can prepare you for a career in the field.

What is education?

Education is the acquisition of different types of knowledge. It describes the processes by which we learn and teach. The philosophy of education includes a variety of teaching practices and training methods known as pedagogy. Teaching techniques can range from the Socratic method, in which teachers probe students with questions to spur critical thinking, to the Montessori method of self-directed learning. And while many educators focus on K-12 learners or teach higher education at colleges and universities, they can also focus on organizational training.

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Why is education important?

Education provides foundational knowledge for human beings to function in society. Math, reading, writing, and communication skills enable individuals to live independent lives regardless of their employment status or their field of employment. As learners advance throughout their education, they have opportunities to tailor their learning paths and specialize their focus to meet their own personal and professional goals. This can include acquiring technical skills or focusing on social and emotional learning. Debate over educational policy, the standard of education that young learners receive, and access to educational resources showcases the importance that society places on education and its effect on career outcomes for learners.

Education courses and certification curriculum

Individuals interested in how to become a teacher have the option of taking online education courses or full programs that can fit different learners’ needs.

To understand specific disciplines under the umbrella of education, learners may pursue coursework ranging from early childhood development and emotional intelligence to instructional design and community engagement. Courses may provide general overviews of proven education policies, or delve into the specifics of how to use games to teach. Learners also have the option of specializing in different types of education such as special education or global education, which emphasizes the importance of cross-cultural awareness, cooperation, and understanding.

Depending on where you want to teach, different settings will have different educational, training and certification requirements. Those who would like to pursue graduate study can earn a master's in education online. edX makes it easy to explore all available training and certificate options.

Careers in education

Education careers can be rewarding for anyone who wants to help others expand their knowledge. Professionals can work with nearly every age of learner and every type of learner. Educators can also find work outside the classroom, as curators, archivists, school administrators, student counselors, law professors, or academic deans. Explore how online courses in education can help you along your personal and professional journeys with edX.