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Discrete Mathematics Courses

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What is Discrete Mathematics?

Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with separable and distinct numbers. Combinations, graph theory, and logical statements are included, and numbers can be finite or infinite. It's used in computer science to design the apps and programs we use every day. While there are no hard and fast definitions of discrete mathematics, it's well known for the things it excludes - continuously varying quantities and all things related to that. Discrete mathematics is vital to digital devices. With tech continually on the rise, studying this overlooked area of mathematics could prove valuable for your career and your future.

Learn Discrete Mathematics

You may have already studied discrete probability and not known how important it is to tech development. Applied mathematics can be a critical skill for employers who design the technology we use every day, so brushing up on that number theory could improve your problem-solving skills and make you highly marketable. EdX offers courses in partnership with leaders in the mathematics fields so that you have the skills you need to get started on your career path. Explore what edX has to offer and reignite your love of mathematics.

Discrete Mathematics Courses and Certifications

EPFL offers an introduction to discrete mathematics modeling designed to get you started with these mathematical structures. You'll learn how to predict behavior using mathematics with proof techniques and probability theory. You can also study probability more in-depth with courses from MIT and Purdue. You'll take probability theory even further within concrete mathematics and use practice problems to hone your skills. You can also take classes on programming methods, propositional logic, and theory of computation. Or you can explore other avenues of discrete mathematics such as game theory or discrete geometry.

Enhance Your Career with Discrete Mathematics

The world of mathematical logic is wide open to help with technological advancement. If you're working in the tech field or are merely interested in mathematics, courses designed to improve your skills are critical. Understanding continuous mathematics and discrete helps you develop programs for the real world. Your career prospects improve as your understanding expands. These discrete structures are a vital component of how our machines operate. A problem will rarely fit perfectly into one of the formulas, so training to prepare you for the restrictions of this branch of mathematics can help you learn important problem-solving skills. You could be our next big mathematical thinker. Get the training you need to start on your journey.