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Decision Making Courses

Learn decision making skills with online courses from top universities and institutions on edX today!

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Why Learn Decision Making

You've spent your whole life making decisions, but you've probably never thought much about what it takes to have effective decision making skills. The decision-making process is more than just weighing the pros and cons. It's a systematic way of thinking that helps reduce things like bias and improve the outcome of each decision you make. While you probably picked up some decision-making skills through experience, making better decisions requires some level of training, especially if you're making decisions in a specific field. Learning to make good decisions in a particular field as well as decision-making strategies overall can increase your chances of making a good decision regardless of the subject or circumstance.

Decision-Making Courses And Certifications offers a range of courses and certifications in decision-making skills across a variety of fields. Partnerships with leading institutions give you access to some of the best information available for various aspects of decision-making. Babson offers a full certification in Financial Decision Making for Leaders with sections in analytics, financial forecasting, and economics. The Univerisity of Michigan also provides a Financial Decision-Making course for people interested in learning how to direct their personal financial lives. Other types of decision making include Supply Chain Management (Louvain), Organizational Design (IIMB), Policy (Inter-American Development Bank), and Reputation Management in a Digital World (Curtin). If analytics is what you're after, quite a few courses are offering problem-solving based on analytics. Microsoft provides a course on Statistics for Data Analysis Using Excel while Analytics for the Classroom Teacher (Curtin) addresses the role of the teacher as a decision maker. There are even courses for those of you in tech. Decision Making for Autonomous Systems from Chalmers offers a Markov decision process plus reinforcement learning for those systems. University of Maryland College Park will teach you the Agile Framework for product innovation while Berkeley introduces you to the Fundamentals of Data Science. Other courses in generalized decision making introduce you to new perspectives on the process with multiple types of decision-making tools and decision-making models. Whatever your interest, you're covered.

Improve Your Decision Making

Poor decisions could follow you all your life. Understanding the type of decision you need to make and how it could relate to a confirmation bias you have could help you leave those poor decisions behind for good. You don't have to be perfect, but deciding on a course of action based on sound principles opens the door to better decisions and more consistent results.