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Computer Science Courses

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learn computer science

learn computer science

What is computer science?

Since the first days of computer systems, humans have tried to build machines that can make processing information faster and more reliable. Computer scientists have created some truly remarkable systems designed to understand big data structures, think like humans, and even help us predict the future.

Information technology is one of the most in-demand degree fields in the world, thanks to advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. As algorithms become more complex, computer science now encompasses quite a few different fields and concentrations. 

Learn about computer science

From programming languages to operating systems to new concentrations in data science, computer and information systems is a wide field. The study of computer systems is a rich and interesting pursuit, and students can study many of its concentrations with

EdX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and innovators in the field of computer science. Students can study on their own schedules with other students around the world. Courses are free to take for professional development, but students can also opt into official credit or take micro-degrees, earn a bachelor's in computer science, or even obtain a master's degree in a topic such as data science.

Computer Science Courses and Certifications

Stanford Online offers a Computer Science 101 course designed to introduce students to the basics. Students will learn fundamental information about software and hardware systems as well as information on software development.

Students can also take focused courses such as Harvard's certification series in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science for Game Development, also from Harvard, where students learn to develop video games. Purdue also offers a series of courses on computer programming and computer engineering. Students learn vital software engineering skills, including languages like Python. 

Build a Career in Computer Science

High-quality computer science skills are in demand for the workforce. Whether students are looking to develop computer architecture for deep learning projects or develop new programs for entrepreneurship, edX offers a path. The latest in human-computer interaction is waiting around the corner, and courses from edX could provide you with the knowledge you need to build it.

A computer science degree can open new doors for developers. You could find yourself launching the latest development in computer graphics or lending your expertise in cryptography or bioinformatics. It's time to explore what a computer science degree or training could mean for your career. The edX platform has everything you need to start, no matter your background or your skill level.