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Take free online CGI animation courses and learn about modern digital animation techniques on edX.

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What is CGI animation?

Animators and filmmakers worked for generations using traditional animation — nothing but pen and paper, sculptures, or stop motion animation to create effects, but computer animation has changed the game. CGI, otherwise known as computer-generated imagery, allows movie, video game, and television creators to build lifelike 3D models using computer processing power. 

Animated films are now more lifelike than ever. Visual effects in CGI films and live-action films are more impressive than ever, and we can create movies like Star Wars that stand the test of time, movies like Toy Story that move us, or movies like Shrek that change a genre. 

Studying how these effects create timeless movies and games ensures we'll continue to make advances in graphics and technology to entertain, inspire, and teach. It's a wide-open field for developers to explore and create. 

Learn about CGI Animation

The edX course collection allows students to explore not just the movies but the technology, storytelling, and advances in computer graphics that make movies possible. Students learn on their own schedules through convenient online courses with a global cohort of students.

Many courses are free to explore, but learners may also choose to take official credit with an investment. edX offers accredited courses, certifications, and degree programs designed in partnership with leading creators in the field, providing students with unparalleled access to flexible education.

CGI Animation Courses and Certifications

Columbia offers a course, Animation and CGI Motion, designed to teach the fundamentals of creating lifelike animations. Students will learn to use CGI technologies to simulate realistic movements and use differential equations to predict the motions of real-world materials.

Students can also study digital design from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This course explores creating digital design for cinematic projects, filmmaking, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Learners explore from an art form and a computer science perspective. 

Exploring CGI as a career or hobby

Whether you're into animated short films like Dreamworks and Pixar's creations, full-length animated movies, or just interested in visualization, edX and partners offer foundational skills and understanding. 3D animation opens a world of possibilities for entertainment, science, real-time visualizations, and a host of other applications.

You may find yourself creating tv shows, filming your next blockbuster, or gaining a new appreciation for everything that went into making feature films like Jurassic Park. With companies like Sony and Disney making a name for themselves with new generations of animation lovers, you might find yourself on the path to creating your own special effects or photorealistic creations. edX and partners can help you build vital skills in 3D computer modeling; it's up to you what you do with those skills.