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CEO Courses

Learn how to be a CEO of a company with a variety of online courses and lessons from some of the world's leading universities on edX!

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The Role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A CEO provides valuable leadership to a business. These business leaders are responsible for a business's vision and direction and work with other high-level employees, such as the chief financial officer (CFO) or the chief operating officer (COO) to determine the next steps for the business.

In some cases, CEOs can begin in lower levels of work with a company and progress upwards, but increasingly, CEOs are made through a combination of experience and education. Senior executives require a variety of skills in business and soft skills like communications to become a successful leader of the organization.

Learn How to Be a CEO

If you're curious about what it takes to step into the CEO role, you can participate in courses from edX. These courses are designed in partnership with leaders in various fields and provide a foundation of knowledge to further your career or satisfy a curiosity. 

You can take courses on your own time with students all over the world. For a fee, you can receive official credit or certification for many of the courses, or you can participate for free for your own personal goals.

CEO Courses and Certificates

Many courses could further your goals as a senior executive or an executive team. You can participate in Strategic Management from IIMBX. You'll learn how CEOs and managing directors formulate a plan and drive decision making. 

You can also take Design Leadership and Innovation from DelftX. You'll learn how to apply design skills to motivate and convince stakeholders, board members, and other vital parts of an organization.

Other courses in soft skills such as communication, business writing, finance, and productivity strategies are also available through the edX catalog. In fact, whatever aspect of leadership you need to improve or learn, the edX catalog is available.

The pressure and promise of C-Suite Executives

CEOs and their counterparts are part of the driving force behind organizational growth and a company's success. Day to day business operations sometimes require complex decisions, and CEOs of large companies are tasked with maintaining shareholder value and providing sustainable growth.

The skills needed to accomplish these goals are available in courses from edX. Whether you're examining cash flow for a startup, planning IPO, or directing market share for an established company, we have the courses you need. You can provide corporate governance or study what it takes to be a leader with the foundations from and partners.