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Bible Studies Courses

Study the role and impact of the Bible on society and culture with [free online classes](

learn bible

learn bible

What is the Bible?

The Bible is the common name for the Christian holy book. It contains both the Old Testament taken from Jewish tradition and the New Testament, about the life of Jesus and his apostles. The Bible was written in several different languages, including Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, and has been translated many times into other languages, including English. The Bible is considered the word of God and contains both origin stories for the world and humanity in Genesis as well as information for how the world will end, contained in Revelations. Bible reading is considered to be one way to determine God's plan and ultimate desire for humanity.

Learn about the Bible

The Bible contains many "books," each with themes and histories of both the Jews and later Christians. While Christianity finds its roots in Judaism, it is its own religious tradition. Whether you're a Christian and looking for a good Bible study or someone interested in studying the underlying philosophy of one of the biggest religions in the world, edX has courses for you.

Bible Courses and Certifications

Harvard University offers a course, Christianity Through Its Scriptures, designed to familiarize you with the books of the Bible from origin stories in Genesis to the words of Old Testament prophets like Haggai and Malachi. It also contains New Testament lessons from the stories of Jesus Christ to books from apostles and followers, such as those found in Corinthians. Harvard University's X Series includes this and other religious texts as a way to understand the religions themselves. The Christianity course explores different versions of the Bible, including translations like the King James Version and the New American Standard. Notre Dame offers a religious-based course examining the character of Jesus Christ through both the New Testament and Old Testament readings. It uses different versions of the Holy Bible to uncover who Jesus might truly have been.

Explore the Bible and Its Traditions

Whether you're a Christian or simply interested in the world's philosophical traditions and history, learning about the Bible can offer a unique perspective on humanity. Different Bible versions can shed light on the original texts while understanding books such as Proverbs can help give us tools for making decisions in our everyday lives. Studying the Bible, along with other religious texts, helps us put humanity's experience into perspective. From a verse of the day to deep dives into the history of the movement and the life of Jesus Christ. can help you separate fact from fiction and offer perspectives on one of the most famous humans who ever lived along with the text that reveals his myth and mystery.