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Beer Courses

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learn beer

Why Is Beer Important?

Beer is one of the oldest kinds of alcoholic drinks in the world, and certainly one of the most commonly consumed. Beer goes in glorious cycles from homebrewing to commercial brewing companies and back again. Learning about beer is part history, part food science, and part folklore. Beer lovers everywhere love to debate whose beer is best and what type of brewing method produces the best taste. From the Brewers association to worldwide brands like Corona or Guinness, beer is a fascinating bit of food science and history. Whether it's a lager or ale, a craft beer or lite beer, the possibilities with beer are endless. Whether you're considering becoming a brewmaster yourself or just have a healthy appreciation for the art form and food science that goes into beer, you can begin your journey to ultimate beer connoisseur with edX.

Learn About Beer offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and innovators in the field. You can take classes on your own schedule without investing a cent if you don't want to. These classes offer a pathway to future careers, hobbies, and interests. Beer Courses and Certifications If it's beer your after, Waginengin offers a course on the science of beer. You'll learn how some of the best beers are made, experience some hands-on learning with the supply chain of beer, and understand both the process and the marketing behind beer. You can also participate in KU Leuven's course on the Science of Brewing. There, you'll study the different components of beer, from malt to yeast, the fermenting process, and what it takes to produce great beer from just a few ingredients. For a broader overview of the concepts of food science, you can also head over to Harvard's course, Science and Cooking. You'll get a deeper dive into the concepts of food science and how these processes are used to create cuisines and drinks.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Beer

From brown ales to imperial stouts, India Pale ales to pale lagers, beer has a long, exciting history. As craft breweries continue to pop up and American brewers gain more prominent recognition worldwide, you can deepen your knowledge of one of the world's favorite drinks. As you study beer styles, you could find yourself gaining an appreciation for the process and creativity that's led to some of the world's most interesting beers. You may also see your own reliable styles of beers in a new light. As we turn the next page on what constitutes excellent beer, we can assure you that the craft will continue to evolve.