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Architecture is a forward-looking and ever-evolving field with a wide range of applications and theories. Architects study design, history, urban planning, and more. Learn about architecture with online architecture courses delivered through edX.

What is architecture?

Architecture involves the art, design, and engineering processes and principles that shape the physical world. The rich study of architecture and design dates back to the ancient world and can be traced to today's modern architecture and contemporary architecture design aesthetics. Filtering into almost every aspect of human life, architecture is chief among the artifacts that civilizations leave behind.

In addition, architectural principles can be applied to other areas of business and information technology. For example, green architecture or sustainable architecture has emerged as a competitive field centered on developing architectural plans that address and seek to minimize human impact on the natural environment. 

An architecture degree offers aspiring professionals in this field the opportunity to study many topics that will be important to their roles including design architecture and environmental systems. Individuals interested in becoming a professional architect must either complete a bachelor’s degree in architecture or a master’s degree in architecture as part of the requirements. A working knowledge of architectural design software is also critical for modern drafting. With many online architecture courses and online architecture degrees available to learners, a career in architecture could be at your fingertips.

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Architecture course curriculum

There is a wide range of online courses offered in the field of architecture. Beginners interested in the fundamental principles of architecture might consider a course that approaches the subject through a study of history’s important buildings. Intermediate students may explore mechanical engineering principles that undergird architectural design.

For those interested in history, some courses offer deep dives into the architecture of specific eras and regions around the world, such as Renaissance and Baroque trends in Rome or art-deco style in Chicago.

Careers in architecture

With a long list of transferable skills including strong analytical, communication, and technical skills, the study of architecture can lead to many different careers, including:

  • Civil engineer

  • Construction manager

  • Drafter

  • Graphic designer

  • Interior designer

  • Landscape architect

  • Urban and regional planner

Online college courses are a great way to dive into this challenging and rewarding field. Help design the future by pursuing a career in architecture today.