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5G Courses

Learn about 5G with online courses from some of the world's leading universities.

learn 5g

learn 5g

What is 5G?

5G networks are the latest advancements of mobile networks. Rollouts for the 5G technology began recently and brought new levels of connectivity for more than just phone customers. The increased bandwidth promises new capabilities for the Internet of Things (IoT) with low latency and faster speeds.

It's the successor to 4G LTE and is part of the new generation of power and speed for the newest mobile phones. 5G connects through up to three different waves because of the short frequencies of one particular wave. With 5G access, customers and companies alike may be able to reach places not available before.

The first 5G devices deployed in 2019, and some of the newest connected devices, including the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone 12, are currently operating on 5G where it's available. It also promises better performance for the future -- think self-driving cars and remote 5G home internet.

Learn More About 5G

5G deployment has so many use cases. To be prepared for the rollout, you can explore 5G and the history of connected devices through the platform. You'll be able to learn from leaders and innovators in the field and receive foundational teaching so vital to your career and your curiosity.

Learn with students from around the world, and courses are available for free to explore and satisfy your interest. If you decide to use courses to further your career, you can apply for official credit for a fee. Complete the course satisfactorily, and you have something to present to future or current employers. 

5G Courses and Certifications

You can explore the basics of 5G for business with 5G Strategy for Business Leaders, a professional certification from Linux Foundation. You'll learn how this new wireless technology can launch new business initiatives. Learn how cellular networks are being reformed to align more closely with modern business needs.

You can also explore the network security behind things like the 5G rollout and how broadband networks can provide security solutions with increased performance. You can also study embedded systems, wireless network concepts, and 4G capability history. 

Explore the Future with 5G

As 5G coverage expands, businesses and consumers will be able to use 5G services for a variety of initiatives. Whether it's improving download speeds, ensuring high-speed internet coverage in remote parts of the world, or ensuring that the biggest companies (think Amazon or Apple) have utilized 5G speed to improve business operations.

5G use is an exciting option and could provide real-time insights with everything from cell sites to base stations. The newest network technology may unfold new options or telecoms, businesses, and as countries like South Korea and the United States embrace it, our options expand. Learn more and be ready for the future with